The Village

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The Village - Handmade, 12ml

The Village is a deep charcoal linear holographic nail polish.

 As with all polishes I strongly recommend using a base coat & top coat to help prolong wear time and add shine! The beautiful swatches are by Bettina from, Geraldine from & Kristin from @ermahgerdperlish.
Please note that sometimes glitters and pigments may settle upon standing, please shake nail polish well before application. Each polish bottle includes 2 ball bearings to assist in mixing and dispersing glitter. This polish is handmade, and whilst all care is taken, slight variation may occur bottle to bottle.
Powder Perfect Polish is 5 free. It contains no; formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor and tosylamide/formaldehyde resin.


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