Kings & Castles Stamping Plate 01 - XL


*Shipment is en route to the USA - shipping will begin in the next week*

Travel back in time with our Kings & Castles stamping plate. Featuring townscapes, castles and amazing dragon scales - our Kings & Castles plate has everything you need for a medieval mani!

Graphic design - Hannah Tometzki.


The plate measures 14.5cm x 9.5cm and comes with a protective blue coating. 

Rectangular images are 17mm x 19mm

Use our stamping plates in conjunction with our stamping polishes for best results. We recommend using acetone to clean our stamping plates, as regular nail polish remover may leave a residue which will interfere with your stamping.

If you are purchasing from outside of Australia, please be sure to not add nail polish to your order as we cannot ship polish outside of Australia. For nail polish, please try our United States website or our international stockists.

Photography by; @loveslacquer,, &

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